Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dry Winter Skin Beauty Secrets for Guys and Gals Alike

If you're anything like me, winter blues aren't the only problem that come with cold weather. I have problems with my skin...the cold outside gives me windburn and the heaters running inside make my skin dry. I found the perfect solution to my winter skin problems a few years ago, when a friend's mom told me about vitamin c creme, which actually heals sunburns overnight when you use it as a night creme. Well, windburn is actually like a sunburn, so if you get red checks like me, this is an easy, cost effective, and all natural solution. There are a lot of vitamin c cremes on the market, and even articles about how to make your own, but I've had luck with this version from Jason's cosmeticsVitamin E Creme (25,000IU) 4 oz which retails for only $14.99. The jar is 2 oz and will last you a long time, and you can use it year round because it's great for summer sun exposed skin too. It is also Paraben free and uses no animal by-products or animal testing. My friend's mom uses it every night as a moisturizer and night cream, and her skin looks great. As a bonus, this is also good as an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle creme. And there is a nice citrus smell, but guys can use it too.

My other winter skin secrets? Good, old fashioned Vaseline Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly, Baby 13 oz (Pack of 3)on my lips before bedtime and Lifeguard's Choice by Burt's Bees Burt's Bees Lifeguard's Choice Lip Balm, .15-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 4)during the day (which I also love in the summer). This winter, I invested in some expensive body lotion from Bliss Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter 8.5 fl oz (250 ml)and while I'm happy with the results, I don't think anyone needs to spend $28.00 on body lotion. To achieve similar results, try Jergen's overnight repair, Jergens Overnight Repair Lotion 16.8 oz.
which retails in drugstores for just $6.99.

My only other tips? Try to limit the amount of showers you take (though its hard when you need the steam to clear your sinuses), and make sure to moisturize when you first get out of the shower and your skin is still a bit damp, and right before you go to bed. And of course, drink lots of water. It keeps your skin hydrated and healthy.

Hope you enjoyed my healthy winter skin tips. Here's to kicking winter blues and winter skin.
<3 Stacy, Lola & Zoe

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  1. Here in Vermont we swear by Bag Balm for dry winter skin! People use it on dry skin, cuts, pets, and, of course, udders! See it and find out more about it at

    Carol Wood


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