Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Stuff We Adore!

Don't you absolutely love when something is free? In the past, I have received free magazine subscriptions for Vogue and Marie Claire and almost died of joy. So, you can imagine my happiness when I stumbled upon a book giveaway on author Julianna Baggott's (/Bridget Asher/N.E. Bode) blog. You can read the giveaway rules for yourself, but it's pretty simple. You buy Bridget Asher's newest book on Amazon, email her secretary (see rules) your emailed receipt, and she will mail you (no shipping charges) Asher's The Pretend Wife, for absolutely free!
The Pretend Wife: A NovelThe Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted: A Novel
So you get two books for the price of one! I did this and received my copy in the mail just yesterday. It was even signed!

I'm looking forward to reading these in my leisurely time this summer. I will keep you updated about my reviews!

Don't worry, it will be filled soon!
Where else would I store my free book but on a free bookshelf? I found these beautiful bookshelves next to the dumpster outside my apartment complex. I know what your thinking, but some paper towels and a little bit of all surface cleaner later, my shelves were good as new. Don't they look darling?

I'm a big believer in recycled furniture, nearly everything in my apartment comes from Craigslist, thrift/antique stores, estate/garage sales, or from family and friends. I also got this bookcase for free several years ago from a family I babysat for:
From trash to treasure! A grad student's dream!

Finally, I know I mentioned this on an earlier post, but I was pretty thrilled with these free business cards for my blog. I only paid about $5.00 shipping and handling.
Cute Right? 
In other news, I have added Amazon Associates to my blog. If you see a picture of a book, album, movie, or other product, you can click it and be directed to the Amazon page where you can buy it. I have gone back and edited some older posts to include this just to see what it looks like. It should make for easy, one-click shopping, but if nothing else, the pictures are pretty!

Before I leave, I wanted to include pictures of a couple more things I adore:

Here's to the best things in life being free!
<3 Stacy, Lola & Zoe

PS- We hope you can still join us at The Porch here in Lake Charles, LA for our fiction reading on Friday at 7pm!

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  1. glad you dig it!
    thanks for spreading the word!
    (and MORE FREEBIES: you know we give away a free pdf of my first collection of poems THIS COUNTRY OF MOTHERS if you just ask for it by sending an email to


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