Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thrifty Finds for Spring

When I'm in Austin, one of my favorite things to do is hit up the thrift stores to find amazing prices on whatever must-have pieces I need for the season. As a child and early adolescent, I used to cringe when my mother suggested buying clothes used, but in the past nine years, I've come to realize my mother was right. Not only do you save yourself money, but it's a fun way to practice recycling, and you know you're buying something unique as opposed to the same things everyone else will be wearing. Here are my Spring Break finds. I hope they inspire you to hit your local thrift store and score some seasonal fashion!
Life's a beach! Save money shopping and plan a vacation!
Shopping for a bikini can be difficult in stores where you are often expected to buy the same size top and bottom. Thrift stores are a good solution because you can mix and match pieces to find top & bottom sizes that work for you. Just keep your undies on when trying on and wash with soap and warm water before wearing. Be creative, mix colors or patterns to create your own swim ready wear. I scored this top and bottom at a local Goodwill. The top ($2.99) is by Victoria's Secret and provides great support. The bottom ($2.99) is by Xhilaration and I love the pink neon details. Total cost, less than $6.00 and I felt great (and numb) when taking a dip at ice cold Barton Springs.

In the sunny weather, I need to keep my eyes protected and my adorable Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses will keep me shaded in style. These were my find of the day at Austin's Buffalo Exchange where I picked them up for $12.50. I love the brown/pink color scheme and gold embellishments.

When I'm on vacation, I like carrying a small bag instead of my usual teacher-friendly gigantic one. This faux animal print bag by Nine West (don't worry, it's all man-made materials) totally fits my bills (literally!) for a springy, lightweight bag. With just enough room for my wallet, phone, camera, keys, and lip gloss, it carries everything a girl really needs. The best part? I found it at Goodwill for $5.99.

Finally, on my spring break reading list is American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis for my contemporary novel class. I read this book for fun during college and loved it. Disturbing, unstoppably funny, and powerful, Ellis does not write for those with weak stomachs, but he does manage to create a fascinating serial killing, neurotic, well, psycho, and if you can get past the blood and gore, this one is worth a read. I picked it up at a used book store, Half Price Books, for $7.50.
American Psycho

All in all, I spent $32.00, but when I found what these items cost new, I really felt savvy:

Bikini Top- $38.00
Bikini Bottom- $15.00

Sunglasses- $150.00
Bag- $59.00
Book- $15.00
Total: $277.00
I Spent: $32.00
Money Saved: $245.00
and that's enough to fund all my vacation entertainment and dining for the week!

I hope you score your own thrifty finds. After a long day of shopping check out music by Grace London. This 11 year-old girl's covers of Jack White songs send chills down my spine. She was the winner of the youth competition at Old Settler's Music Festival, and her performance was one of the highlights of the festival. You won't have to spend a dime because you can hear all of her music on her youtube channel for free :)

Here's to deals!
<3 Stacy, Lola & Zoe

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