Saturday, June 25, 2011

All Good Things

You know how people say "all good things must come to an end." Well, I think that's true, but being ever the optimist, I also think when something good ends, another good thing begins! This is how I'm feeling lately about the big move in less than a week away from Lake Charles and all the dear friends we've come to know and love here. I so cannot imagine my life without some of these people, though we've already seen good friends graduate and move, so we are no strangers to this process.

I am thankful for all of these people that I've had in my life. The care, love, and support that I have been shown here has been truly one of the best things to happen to me. My passion and love for writing has grown, and I have grown too. These are the friends who have made that growth possible. At times, I literally felt held up by them, and I tried my best to hold them up too. I feel so lucky to have spent the past three years in such an encouraging and supportive environment. I don't know if other M.F.A. programs have that...I only know, I felt such a strong pull towards McNeese when I was deciding between programs, and I believe that was no coincidence.

I don't want to start naming names, because this post would be a mile long, but thank you for making me dinners, thank you for surrounding me with your laughter and craziness, thank you for talking on the phone, for taking me to the doctor, for teaching me to roller skate. Thanks for running with me, walking with me, just going on drives with me, for going to yoga. Thanks for taking me to Sonic, for indulging my love of Cherry Ring Pops and Mint Oreos. Thanks for camping with me, vacationing with me, riding in a hearse with me. Thank you for celebrating milestones with me in my life, and in yours, for the birthday cards & the sympathy cards. Thanks for inviting me to your weddings. Thanks for the road trips and all those bathroom stops and the days and nights at the beach. Thank you for listening to me read, for getting coffee and lunch, for going shopping. Thank you for taking me to Beaumont when I needed to get the hell out of dodge. Thank you for the good workshops...and the bad ones, for sitting through all my presentations. Thank you for the Xanex. Thank you for spending the night and for telling me when I was wrong, and when I was right. Thanks for being my friend regardless. Thank you for your friendship.
Leaving Lake Charles
You will all be so missed.
<3 Stacy, Lola & Zoe


  1. So sweet Stacy! Love you very much and will miss you!

  2. I should add for Will, thanks for the music and the Sunday Fundays!


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