Friday, July 22, 2011

Finding A Place

So, I recently wrote that Brendan and I were planning to spend this past week relaxing. Well, that didn't exactly happen. I spent all day Monday calling about houses to rent in Midland...I discovered that there were none least, not in a price range that anyone we know would consider reasonable (well, maybe our NYC friends could relate). You see, Midland, TX is in a huge oil boom now, which means housing is scarce to say the least. I relented and called about 50 apartment complexes...and 6 of them had openings for August (most of the others said, "Can you wait until October?" to which I responded, "um, no.") After my day on the phone, I realized we needed to get to Midland fast.

We left the next day, stayed overnight in San Angelo with my Aunt, and made it to Midland at the start of the day on Wednesday. We spent all day looking at rental property, most apartments, but we saw some houses/townhouses/duplexes too. Some were really bad (bring your own stove bad), and all were overpriced. We decided a house isn't in the cards for this year. So, apartments in Midland, it was explained to us, are only built during booms, so either the complexes were built in the 1980s or just recently. The strange thing to us? The apartments built in the 1980s are hardly any cheaper than the complexes built just recently...though they are 30 years older (I guess when people are desperate for housing, you can charge anything you want).

We looked at a new complex, built just 3 years ago that had 1 space available for August. At the end of the day after seeing the other options, we decided that's what we wanted to do. It wasn't exactly what we had in mind, but we feel happy about our decision. The complex is 2.3 miles from campus (a 10 minute drive), we scored a teacher discount, it has all new appliances, and is in good shape. It has a small workout room and pool, which I would actually swim in. It's close to grocery stores, restaurants, etc. and we have a real walk-in closet! Here are some pictures of the model apartment/complex:
kitchen (I like that little built in desk too)
Master bath connected to bedroom

Master Bedroom-(Did my friend Emily Shew decorate this?)
We'll use the second room as a guest bedroom/office
At the end of the day, we found a place we could afford and are happy about moving into. I look forward to posting pictures of our real place.

On another note, check out these awesome Lego life-size zoo animals and have a great weekend.

Here's to finding a place (and I mean that in multiple ways)
<3 Stacy, Lola & Zoe (soon to be desert cats!)

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