Friday, July 1, 2011

July Goals

Ah, the start of a new month, it always feels like a new beginning and a chance to do everything right. This month feels especially like a new beginning because I woke up in a new place. I'm forming a list of my July goals. If you feel so inclined, please comment with yours!

1.) In addition to reading more literary journals (Brendan got me issues of The Kenyon Review, New Orleans Review, and A Public Space for my birthday-sweet), I will finish One Hundred Years of Solitude and start on my next book.

2.) I will run 3 miles without stopping in my next 5K on July 16th (meaning I'll have to run to train). Brendan and I signed up for the Caleb 5K honoring Caleb Koke, a 16 year-old Austinite and pastor's son who died in a car wreck in 2009. This year, all proceeds from the 5K (it costs $20.00 to run) will be donated to the Texas foster care system in Caleb's memory (last year, they raised over $18,000). While I don't personally know this family, I think it is a really great way to honor his life. I love that 5Ks are usually for a good cause. Signing up motivates me to work out & gives me a chance to give back.

3.) I will write a short story. That's right, one new short story, and I will revise until I'm blue in the face. I'm participating in exercises from Julianna Baggott's blog. I will then submit said story to appropriate journals.

4.) WAY LESS eating out. I've been eating out because of the move, but now that I'm in Austin, I want to eat at home more and save money and cook new things. Right now, I will help my mom make pasta (my post run dinner-I'm wishing I went at 8am when it was 77 instead of going at 9pm when it's still 91, yikes).

5.) It's an obvious one, but I will continue applying to jobs. I applied to 5 this morning. I don't need to write this goal to be motivated to do it, the fact that I need a salary is motivation enough!

So there are my July goals, now lets see yours.
Happy July!
<3 Stacy, Lola & Zoe 

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