Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Truly Scrumptious

Austinites, have you tried Yogurtland yet? There is a new location of this chain on Anderson Lane, and while I usually prefer to review local places, this yogurt is divine and the price is great, so I feel I need to share the news. Brendan and I both got huge cups of yogurt with toppings for $7.00. I've been twice! They have tons of fresh fruit and all kinds of candies. There is indoor and outdoor seating, and lately, adorable hello kitty cups and spoons! The best part is, it reminds me of the beloved Los Angeles Pinkberry, which I can't get my hands on.
Guava Pineapple :) Yummy!
In other news, Brendan and I went to Thai Spice again which I talked about in an earlier blog post. It did not disappoint!

Are you looking for plans this week? My dear friend, Corley Pillsbury, is playing an awesome show at Swan Dive tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 10:30p.m. What can I tell you about her? She writes her own music, plays piano and accordion, has a beautiful, spectacular voice, can sing in French, and is a blast to hang out with and one of the smartest people I know. As for Swan Dive? It's an awesome venue with a great vibe, good drinks, and a lovely outdoor patio area.

And, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night catch Austin's own legendary Ken Webster in the hilarious and horrifying play The Good Thief at 8pm at Hyde Park Theatre (Tip: Thursdays are "Pay what you can"). For more info, see my post about the show or visit the Hyde Park Theatre website. 

Three things I'm looking forward to: I found out I am going to be able to teach 4 classes at Midland College instead of 3 next semester (depending on enrollment of course). Also, Brendan and I have booked tickets to visit his family in Connecticut and vacation with them in Maine August 3rd-15th. I have never been to Maine, but my brother tells me it is so beautiful, and I adore Brendan's family, so I'm super excited. AND, tomorrow, we're headed to Schlitterbahn as a b-day gift from my mom. It's my favorite place to stay cool in Texas, and I can't wait!

Please share your own good news, your own great discoveries in your city, or your own ideas about what to do this week. It may be hot (so hot my 10am run almost killed me), but at least it's summer!

Here's to fun,
<3 Stacy, Lola & Zoe

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