Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Week of Running

This week, I ran lots in prep for my upcoming 5K and decided to summarize my adventures. 

On July 1st, I ran 2 miles without stopping, walked 1/2 a mile and ran another 1/2 mile. We went to a track by my house at night. It was pretty cool for Austin, and I was feeling good about myself, though I felt sick after.

Then, on the 4th of July, Brendan and I started our run at 7:15am. It felt much harder with the sun beating down, and I was sort of whining. But, I did run 2 miles without stopping again, then walked 1/3 of a mile and ran the last 2/3 mile.

The next day, I ran 2.5 miles without stopping (I wanted to stop, but Brendan said "keep going!") then walked 1/2 of a lap (which is 1/4 of a mile) and finished out the rest of the lap and 1/2 by running.

 Then, Brendan discovered that some of our 5K is uphill? This was discouraging, so Brendan decided I needed hill practice. I made it running 1 mile yesterday on hills and then could not keep going. My legs felt shot. We walked another couple of miles or so. I was frustrated with myself, but then again, I did increase my endurance this week. And I ran like 9 miles and walked another 3 this week, so that's not bad! It wasn't easy, there were a little tears and feeling like I was going to throw up. I still can't say I find running fun, but I'm dropping weight and feeling physically good, which is motivation enough for me to keep going. I'm still slow, but as long as I run the whole time in the 5K, I don't really care what my time is, but a 12 minute mile would be nice!

Maybe I will go for a neighborhood run tonight...but this time, sans hills. As for the actual 5K, do you think anyone would notice if I drove a golf cart during the uphill parts? :)

Here's to practice making perfect improvements.
<3 Stacy, Lola & Zoe

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