Monday, August 1, 2011

Key to Savings Craft (DIY Necklace)

It seems hard to believe that July is over. My head is still reeling from all the exciting things that happened this past month, like getting jobs, finding an apartment, etc. Overall, I did pretty well with my July Goals. The one thing I'm behind on though is writing. Encouraged by Brendan, I'm embarking on a new project. We'll see where it goes.

I wanted to check in real quick and write about a little craft idea I thought of. Key Necklaces have been so popular in the past few years, that even Tiffany's has done several versions. But for an easy, more vintage DIY version, you can pick up old keys for a couple of dollars at any antique store. I spotted these at Uncommon Objects in Austin, TX.  They also had plenty of older keys.

Just add a favorite chain from a necklace you no longer wear and you have yourself a new piece of jewelry for almost free! I think it makes a great gift idea, and if you make it yourself, it has a more personal touch! Plus, it's kind of cool to think somewhere there's a door you have a key to. Cool in a Secret Garden kind of way (I know, that's a bit overly sentimental, right?)
Anyway, I hope everyone has a fabulous August! I'm leaving on Wednesday for a much needed vacation to Connecticut and Maine to visit with Brendan's family. As soon as we return on the 15th, operation moving to Midland begins. So if you don't hear from me much this month, you'll know why! I'm looking forward to the trip and to escaping the 100+ degrees everyday weather we've been having in Austin lately.

Here's to being crafty and thrifty!
<3 Stacy, Lola & Zoe

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