Monday, August 15, 2011

Magic In Maine

We're home from our wonderful trip up north where we spent a few days in Connecticut and then went to Wayne, Maine and spent a week in a cabin on the lake with Brendan's family. It was all fantastic, and it's safe to say, we're pretty exhausted! Brendan's family has been coming to this same cabin for years, and I was so happy they shared it with me. Here are some photos from our adventures, enjoy!:
Eat Fresh: We bought local produce frequently and cooked up some fantastic meals back at "the camp."

Brendan's lovely mom. We played lots of games, especially on the couple of rainy days we had. I loved the screened in porch!

Brendan and I made pasta and sauce with the summer's freshest tomatoes! Recipe to come, promise :)

At Steep Hill Farm for blueberry picking...we then proceeded to put blueberries in everything! They were scrumptious!

Enough said.

View from the screened in porch!

kayaking before sunset, pretty magical!

Brendan's sister & brother in law, his Dad is in the background. It's always exciting with those Egans!

Giant bass that Brendan caught...I caught one about 1/5 of this size, but I did help scoop this one in the net!

We put them in: pie, pancakes, muffins, oh my!

Brendan's parents in the canoe.

At "the beach," how we spent a couple of our sunny days. I have the tan line to prove it!

Up early for a fishing excursion. I caught 4 perch!

We are easily entertained by the cereal options.

In the woods, our bunk house that Bren and I stayed in is right behind us.

My first Lobster roll...delicious in every way!

View from our cabin, we miss it already!
Maine was relaxing and rejuvenating. I loved being out in nature all day every day, and we were so thrilled to escape the 100+ degree weather of Texas. Maine was in the cool 70s! One thing I miss so is the beautiful call of the loons. Luckily, I found a website where I can listen to audio clips of them anytime. I wish I could fall asleep to this every night. It was so beautiful and uncanny.

It was great to catch up with Brendan's family, and it makes me happy to spend time with them and watch Brendan interact with them. You always learn so much about someone by seeing them with their family!

We have a really insane week coming up...we'll wake up 6 different places in 7 days (a post about that to come). The end goal is moving into our apartment in Midland, TX.
Bren in front of our future apartment (top right)
We're excited, happy, dreading the hot move, and mostly tired! But Brendan's fortune at dinner last night seemed fitting:
"A journey must begin with a single step." Cheesey, yes, but so true.
Here's to our much needed, magical days of rest, and our crazy week to follow! Wish us luck and safe travels.
<3 Stacy, Lola & Zoe

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