Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our First Place

Well, we're finally semi-settled in the new apartment. I have those promised pictures. I hope you enjoy the tour of our first place together. I like to think it reflects both of our personalities nicely, and it seems like our stuff goes together just as well as we do :)

This is the view when you first walk in. To the right is the living area and to the left is the kitchen, the space is very very open. I like how my antique furniture and funky chaise coordinate with Brendan's rug (he's had it in every place he's ever lived) and record player his sister and brother in-law gave him (next to the TV).
Living room, another view. Between the two of us, we have about 10 little tables, we somehow found use for all of them. I love the natural light from our balcony and the hardwood floors.
This picture shows the front door, the kitchen is to the left. As you can see, the space above our couch is in need of some art. We're hoping Brendan's dad (an artist) will send us a piece we can frame and display.
Our dining area, Brendan's table mixes well with my hand-painted chairs. Love his director's chair too.
Kitchen, we love all the new appliances and the cabinet space.
More Kitchen
Another view that shows the built in desk. Perfect for putting your laptop on when you're looking up recipes.
A view of the hallway. Okay, I'll admit it, we've filled 6 bookcases between the two of us.
Guest bedroom, where you can actually sleep if you come visit us :) Brendan's blue desk is to the left, it's too cute.
Close up of the quilt that Brendan's Grandma made.
My adorable desk, passed through the M.F.As (Thanks Scott & Will/Missy)! I'm still in need of a desk chair. We have a lot of framed poetry in this room (by Darrell, Will, and Rita) and are framing art by Erica soon. We also have lots of pictures of friends and family around, so we can see them everyday. 
Guest bathroom, picked colors to match the guest room here.
Our room, ta-da! We picked out the bedding together, it's bright and colorful greens and blues accented by reds and yellows.
Whenever I go, I love to have a window seat for curling up with a good book :)
Our bathroom, it's a really nice size with huge mirrors. We love the little birds on the shower curtain! Oh yeah, and both showers are tiled, easier to clean, yay!
Big walk in closet, connected to the bathroom. We're still working on some organization! Notice the step ladder, I am short. And yes, I gave Brendan a whole half!
PS- here is our balcony that you get to from the living room.
Our jaw-dropping view...okay, maybe not, but as my mom says "you can see horses from here!" and  you really can, we live right down the street from some mansions.
Our lovely desert oasis, the apartment pool.

I hope you enjoyed our tour. We are happy here!
<3 Stacy, Brendan, Lola & Zoe


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Can't wait to come and visit and lay out by the pool!



  2. Yay! We can't wait to have you and Shew. Hurry up September!


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