Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bath Salt Soak (DIY Gift Idea)

Ah, the joys of Epsom Salts, the day I discovered that you can buy a big bag for less than $2.00, was the day I kissed buying expensive bath beads or soaks goodbye. Brendan actually bought me my first bag because he knows how much I love to take a relaxing bath before bed if I feel stressed out. Now that I know how wonderfully soothing these nice smelling salts are, I try to always be fully stocked.

This summer, while shopping at an antique store, I found a bunch of adorable fabric swatches for $4.00, and Brendan's mom gave me a fabulous idea. She said I could put things in jars and cover the jars with the fabric and a rubber band. Now, you really can put almost anything in a jar, but I thought Epsom Salts are a great idea. Who doesn't love bath salts? This makes the perfect, inexpensive, DIY gift idea. You can even customize your fabric and pick something your recipient will love.

You need:
A cute glass jar
a small fabric swatch
a hair tie or rubber band (unless your jar has a handy pop out lid-see photos)

Fill the jar with Epsom Salt (pour carefully and over a sink to avoid a big mess)
Cover with fabric
Secure with hair tie or rubber band

Picked fabrics that match my bathroom :)

Wouldn't this duo make a sweet birthday gift? I love Philosophy body washes.

I hope you enjoyed the craft! As you can see, it doesn't require much work.

It sure is a gray day here, we had a hail storm last night, but the hail was very tiny. I think it's supposed to rain again today, and I'll have to wear pants to work, it's 60 degrees here! Life in the desert sure surprises me sometimes. Stay tuned, I am posting a vegetarian lasagna recipe later this week.

P.S.-Look at my cat
Lola in a box-love this face!   

Happy Thursday!
<3 S, L&Z

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