Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Change is Good

The past month has definitely been full of changes for Brendan and I, we've moved to a new city, started new jobs, and moved in together, all in the span of a few days. And, while I'm still adjusting to a few things (like the fact that it's pitch black dark here until I leave for work around 7:45am), I know these changes are for the best. Change can take adjusting to, but it is also such a positive force in all of our lives. Whether or not we know it, we need change to help make us happier and healthier. Did you know that people who change up their routines actually feel as if time moves slower, leading them to feel as if they had a longer life than their stick-to-the-routine-everyday counterparts? Change is something we should all embrace, and there are a million different ways to welcome it. One of my favorite ways? A trip to the salon.

Ah, the feel of freshly colored, washed, and cut hair. The two hour experience is a treat I only allow myself four times a year (every 3 months), and it's always exciting and well worth the wait. I love to change things up with my hair, it makes me feel refreshed and rejuvenated! Here are my results from a recent trip to Joe James Salon in Midland, TX, where I saw Adam. He was fabulous and super sweet, and Joe James is an Aveda salon with top notch customer service.

All smiles after my haircut
I always take a photo after getting my hair done, check out this post for evidence. Brendan looks at me kind of strangely as I stage my own photo shoot in the living room, but hey, it's hard to take your own picture!

My new do comes just in time for this weekend. Brendan and I are headed to a bed and breakfast in Fort Davis, TX (We'll also see nearby Marfa and Alpine) for a weekend of hiking, swimming, star-gazing, site-seeing, and resting. I cannot wait! Though Brendan and I have been on many trips and vacations together, it's always been with friends or family, so this will be our first weekend away just the two of us. I'll blog about it when we return.

I also look forward to telling you about all the great books I read this month, including one that I'm absolutely addicted to right now!

Oh, and before I sign out, Lola wants me to tell you to vote for her in the Modcloth cutest cat contest. You can vote once every 24 hours (which we're sure you're dying to do). Just click here!  Lola thanks you. I didn't know if I could send a picture of both cats, having two in the picture seems like cheating! Anyway, Zoe doesn't mind, she's not really into being the center of attention. But everyone should know, they're equally loved and adorable. Here's the latest proof:
Snuggling! Love these cats.
Here's to change & nice smelling shampoo :)
<3 S, L&Z

P.S.- We've had over 5,000 hits in 8 months, averaging about 640 hits a month, not bad for a rookie blogger and a pair of cats! Thanks for visiting us, and remember, if you enjoy the blog, share us with your friends.


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