Thursday, October 13, 2011

Celebrating One Year

All you need is love...roses, champagne, dinner, cake, cards, and a candle.
I came home from teaching my night class to these beautiful roses.
Buttercup Squash Risotto
While I was teaching, sweet Brendan made us dinner. This Buttercup Squash Risotto was so delicious, the squash tasted like pumpkin, but a little sweeter. This was also a perfect thing for Brendan to pick because we have a joke about Risotto, since we tried to make some on our first Valentine's day and it was sort of a disaster! I promise to add the recipe to the blog soon.
I picked up some champagne for us!
This label, McPherson's is special to us because we visited the winery in Lubbock.
I also picked up some red velvet cake, because let's face it, every celebration calls for cake!
We spent the night watching Twin Peaks, it was a nice way to wind down from Wednesday, which is my super busy day. I'm looking forward to this weekend! We're going to Austin tomorrow AND my publication in PANK comes out. Please stay tuned!

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