Saturday, November 19, 2011

3 months in Midland!

Today, we've lived a quarter of a year in Midland, Texas! 

As an adult, I've learned that anywhere can feel like home, as long as you find people you care about and make an effort to acclimate to your new situation. Brendan and I are lucky that we've been able to do both. We have a few friends in town and here's a few things we LOVE about our new home :)

Beauty surrounds us, a snapshot from a nature trail we love.

There is so much to discover near makes weekends exciting.

and adventurous

Sunsets are beautiful

We love our first home, the perfect combination of us.

Friends are nearby-the Shews are just two hours away + Midland has homemade ice cream bars!

High school football is a blast! Sad that the season is over.

We're here together. Best decision I ever made :)
Brendan is always reminding me to take my life one step at a time (I love to plan, you know?). So today, I can say, while we don't have everything figured out (who does), we're loving the journey. 

In case you've missed some of it, here's some links to the catch-ups:

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A lot of Midland has been what I expected, but some things have surprised me. For example, the city is growing faster than anyone really can handle. There are no houses for rent, the one HEB is always PACKED, and when I was sick, I called 25 doctor offices that took my insurance and NONE of them would accept new patients (if they did, they wouldn't see me until December! Needless to say, I ended up at a minor emergency clinic). On the bright side, the oil industry here is booming, and people here definitely benefit from it. For example, Midland College has to be the nicest community college I've ever seen. Each of my students is able to have their own computer in the classroom, and trust me,  that makes teaching a composition class a lot easier. I've found a yoga studio, a hair dresser, and I've located the cities best antique shops. I still haven't set foot in the mall, I think I'll wait until we visit the Shews in Lubbock to shop! As for my one regret, I wish we had had a free weekend to go see my little cousin, Colton, play football in San Angelo...but, there's always next season!

Here's to time and how it flies!
<3 S, B, L&Z

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