Monday, November 21, 2011

Just Call Me Blondie + I Love the 80s

Well, today, I broke my own rule of frugal living (wait 12 weeks between hair appointments) and treated myself to a color/cut with Adam. Click here to read more about Adam. I wanted something new for the holidays, so I bravely asked Adam for blond highlights and a 3 inch cut. With my teased hair, I was feeling very 1980s (a fabulous decade, might I add), so I ran to put on my new sweater, scored this weekend at the mall at American Eagle (on sale for $30.00). I love how the current style is all over-sized and off the shoulder, so I grabbed my Levis jeggings and boots and enlisted Brendan's help for a photo shoot. We decided to do the pictures on the balcony to capture the crazy fog that overtook Midland today. It looks like something right out of Wuthering Heights!

Brendan was a good sport and indulged my desire to be a model for a minute. Thanks honey!

Without further delay, here are the results. Check out my hair and the crazy fog!

Will blonds have more fun? Stay tuned.

Here's to the 1980s and everything fabulous that came out of them (Brendan and I included!)
<3 S, B, L&Z

EDIT: Please check out this clip from the Sweet Valley High TV show, and consider your life complete.

and happy birthday to Brendan's mom!

Happy birthday Sharon! I'm glad to have you in my life :)

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