Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Desert Life: Monahans State Park

We've had a lot of questions from family and friends since Brendan posted Facebook pictures of our trip to Monahan's Sandhills State Park last weekend. The Sandhills are a 45 minute drive from Midland. There are 3,840 acres of the sand dunes, which are about 70 feet in height. There are signs that humans discovered the dunes about 12,000 years ago. Spanish explorers reported on the dunes 400 years ago, and Indian tribes used the area for campgrounds until the late nineteenth century. Today, sand surfing (or sledding)is a popular activity, but when we took our friends the Shewmakers, it was just for some barefoot hiking (shoes wouldn't help you, as you sink into the sand!) Enjoy these photos I snapped on my phone camera of our fabulous day trip!
You have to climb fast to prevent sinking into the sand

The sand isn't hot, in fact, areas of it are cold!

All you can see around you is more sand.

It gets a little windy, I had on sunglasses and to prevent sand from getting in my eyes.

Footprints stay until the wind blows them over


Brendan snapping pictures with his fancy camera from Will

us :)

The sand looks like water when you step in it, but it's just an illusion


sand hop scotch

I cannot wait to go back. The sand hills were beautiful, and it was one of those days that made me so happy to be experiencing life in the desert. It was a perfect afternoon with our good friends the Shews, friends from graduate school that live in Lubbock now. We had a great weekend with them, and next time, we'll bring boogie boards!

I wanted to post this earlier, but I was battling a case of strep throat this week! Luckily, I recovered in time to present at the National Women's Studies Association conference in Atlanta, GA. My presentation went well, and I will share pictures of Georgia soon!

In the meantime....

Here's to this desert life. 
<3 S, B, L&Z

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