Sunday, December 25, 2011

100th Post and Merry Everything!

This is our 100th post! We'd like to wish everyone a Merry Everything! Whatever you celebrate, we hope it's fabulous in every way. Brendan and I celebrated our first Christmas actually being together.

We had a stop in San Angelo, Texas on Friday night to celebrate with my Mom's family. I was given these Christmas pajamas, which are a very special tradition in my family. My grandmother on my Mom's side wore them every single year on Christmas for about 55 or 60 years before she passed away in March of 2009. Needless to say, there were some tears when I opened that package! Now, I'll wear them on the years when I celebrate Christmas with my family. I'll have to find some pants though, my aunt Lisa made ornaments for everyone in the family using the fabric from the pants. Now, we all have a piece of Mimi's iconic Christmas tradition!

Christmas Eve, we drove to my home in Austin and did the traditional Austin Family Christmas party, because of the yucky weather, not many people made it out, but my best friends from high school Cole and Corley stopped by and it was wonderful to visit with them. Last night, Lola and Zoe were angels and slept at the foot of the bed all night. No mischief at all, so we know they must have been tired!

This morning, we did Christmas at home. It was beyond perfect. We received some wonderful kitchen goods that we are so excited to cook with, Brendan's parents sent me many lovely gifts including philosophy bath stuff in my favorite scent and some wonderful cat themed coffee table books. We had a delicious breakfast after Christmas morning, and we called all of our family that isn't with us. We feel so lucky and grateful for all the wonderful people in our lives, they are truly the most magical thing about Christmas.

Christmas was so wonderful, I wasn't so sad about losing my fantasy football finals game. My quarterback (Tony Romo) was injured in the first quarter, so he didn't get to play. Second place looks good to me; not bad for a rookie!

Merry everything friends near and far! And happy 100th post to the blog!
<3 Stacy, Brendan, Lola & Zoe (and the Austin's)

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