Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy 30th Brendan!

Today is Brendan's 30th birthday. I feel so lucky to have him in my life. He has some of the best qualities...

Patience: Once, for a Mardi Gras Ball, Brendan let me paint his face like a mouse. In everyday life, he is always patient with me.

Thoughtful: Brendan is always doing little things for me, like picking flowers, cooking us dinner, or picking up around the house while I'm out of town. He is one of the most considerate people I know, and he thinks about what is best for others before himself.

Determined: Whenever Brendan sets a goal, he stays motivated. This year, he contributed to helping teach me to run a 5K, and we did it, twice!

A Fast Friend: Everyone that meets Brendan becomes his friend quickly. My brother, Graham, and he were fast pals. Many people, including me, consider Brendan a best friend. He is loyal, kind, and has a great listening ear!

A True Romantic: Brendan is always surprising me with his ideas. This is a place in Louisiana that we used to go together and watch the sunset.

Up for Adventure: Whether we're hiking together or moving to a totally new place, Brendan is always up for something new! He keeps life fresh and interesting.

A Family Guy- Brendan has a great family and has a special relationship with each member. He is proud of all of them and a source of love and support in their lives as they are in his.

A Great Cook-Brendan cooks me many wonderful meals, and we also cook a lot together. He is not afraid of trying new things, but he is very passionate about wanting things to turn out just so. I have to remind him not to take it so seriously sometimes!
A Funny Guy-Brendan has a great sense of humor. He never fails to crack me up.
Loves Cats/Let me Buy This Painting- enough said. I just feel like he gets me.

Promised He Would Make This His Profile Picture- I just put this here as a way to make sure he does that.

An Awesome Friend- Before Brendan and I were a couple, we were friends for two years, that friendship continues to be the foundation of our relationship. I loved him so much as a friend, and now, I love him in a whole different way. When we met in April of 2008 at a coffee shop, we spoke very candidly, and Brendan apologized, saying he normally wouldn't share so much information when first meeting someone, but talking to him felt totally natural even back then. Of course, I had no idea what role Brendan would play in my life, or I in his, but he is an example to me of how life has a funny way of working out. We both have had our own journeys that intersected at many different points before we even knew each other (we both went to NYU, lived in the same neighborhood in NYC, both lived in Austin-Brendan only blocks away from my mom's house), but ultimately, we ended up in exactly the same place, and I'm thankful to spend everyday with not only a partner, but a friend.

I love you Brendan, and today, I will be celebrating YOU!
<3 Stacy

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