Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On Advancing to the Fantasy Football Finals!

I'll be advancing to the finals ladies and gentleman! It was a close game this weekend and Monday night, and I came out only 5 points ahead, but won my 11th game in a row. A friend has recently dubbed me "Little Miss Braggy Pants," but can't a girl just keep her loyal readers informed? Anyway, I was out to see what fantasy football was all about, and my investigative journalism has uncovered that really ANYONE can play fantasy football. It's all luck...sure, there are decisions involved, but I'm going to compare it to playing yahzee, the draft is the initial dice roll, and you have to play your odds (I guess I can credit myself for believing in you, Tony Romo!). Win or lose in the finals this weekend (where I play the number 1 team), I'll be proud of my efforts. I've never wasted time and won something because of it. But my seemingly calm attitude doesn't really reveal how much I want to win. I'm emotionally invested at this point!

Here's other posts about my fantasy football journey:
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In other news, Brendan and I are on our last night of the California vacation. We went on a lovely hike this evening: 

View from our hike!
It's all pizza and Christmas movies tonight...we are driving the 940 miles back to Midland tomorrow! Then, it's to Austin with a stop in San Angelo (which means traveling two days with Lola and Zoe, who I can't wait to cuddle). It seems like we never slow down, but hey, that's life!

Here's to a little healthy competition. I hope the guys don't take it too hard!
<3 S

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