Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ornaments On Our Tree

Since Brendan and I live together now, this is the first time our tree has been made up of both our ornaments. While we decorated together last year, it was really just my stuff, so it's fun to see our combined tree this year. I took some pictures of my favorite ornaments, hope you enjoy a glimpse at our tree!

A tradition I have is collecting ornaments from trips I take, so we've kept it up. This is from our first trip that we took together. We went to Las Vegas in November of 2010 to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. I always like to find ornaments with years on them if I can, the years help me remember special things about the trip.

 This ornament is from New Orleans, and it reminds us of our experience living in Louisiana for 3 years.
 This is an early Christmas present I gave to Brendan this year. The Boston Red Sox are his team, so I knew they needed to be represented on our tree, and I had the ornament personalized for him.
 This is from our trip to Washington D.C. this year to celebrate Thanksgiving with Brendan's family. It is kind of a joke because I kept talking about going to see the White House, but we didn't make it there. Still, the ornament reflects a historic landmark in D.C. and my obsession with it. We did make it to the history museum (but Annie, Brendan's sister, had to reassure me like three times that yes, we were going inside the museum. I suppose I'm an anxious tourist, surprised? Me either). 

 We have several homemade ornaments from Brendan's neighbor in Connecticut on our tree. We have a snowman, a book of carols, and a piece of candy. They are all super adorable and make me wish that I too had the gift of knitting, so I could create ornaments for my friends.
 This ornament says "Our First Christmas Together" and has our names and the year. When I told my mother, she was confused, citing that we were together last year, but this is our first Christmas we'll actually spend together, so I wanted something to commemorate it. 
 This is from the lake in Maine where Brendan's family vacations every summer. This year, they invited me to join them, so it was my first Maine experience! I loved it, and now I'm remembering the beautiful and warm days on the lake.
 Our friend Erica gave us this beautiful ornament last Christmas. It's a bird that says "love" on it. I think ornaments make great gifts, I always remember who gave me each one.

I have a LOT of traveling ornaments, but this one is special because it's from when my mom and I went snorkeling in St. Thomas on our cruise to the eastern Caribbean this past January. It was SO beautiful, and honestly, it ranks among the best days of my life. Plus, I think it's cute!

To me, Christmas is all about remembering the best times from your life and sharing those memories with others. So, here's to that!

<3 S, B, L&Z

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