Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Resolution Ready

Today, I begin the process of making my New Year resolutions a reality. For most people, resolutions begin January 1st, but since I'm still on vacation for half of January, that isn't a realistic goal for me. I've rounded up all my supplies, and I'm sharing it with you. Haven't started your resolutions yet? There is still time. Just make like a college teacher and begin on the 17th! If desired, click on any of the pictures to order supplies straight from Amazon.

Running another 5K is one of my resolutions, but my 2 year old running shoes have bitten the dust. I ordered the exact same pair in a different color online for $59.95. The brand is Mizumo, the shoe is called "Womens Wave Inspire" and I ordered from Holabird Sports. The socks got me free shipping!

Next, to motivate my resolution to do more yoga is my lovely Yogitoes Mat, an x-mas gift from my mom.

I am so excited to have this. It helps your feet stay in position while in the postures, and also is machine washable.

My mom sent me this curves book. It has a pretty easy to follow eating plan that I am trying out. The plan appeals to me because you basically follow a simple eating plan for 1 month, but then, you can eat what you want (in the normal 2,000cal/day range of course) and only go back to the plan if you gain. This protects your metabolism from going into starvation mood and other adverse effects of "yo-yo dieting." For me, I just want to lose a few pounds to help make running/fitness more comfortable. I am not planning on losing a lot of weight, but just getting back into fitness after winter break hiatus. I'll let you know how it goes when I have a bit more experience with it. The Vera Bradley tape measure was a gift from Brendan's mom. Always motivating to track your progress, right?

I used my Bed, Bath and Beyond giftcard from my Dad to buy an electric toothbrush. Better dental care + more flossing is another of my resolutions (I've never had a cavity, and I'd like to keep it that way!)

This one by Oral-B is very affordable for less than $30.00 and comes with 2 brush heads (so both Brendan and I are using it). So far, it works really well, and we don't have to replace the brush heads for 3 months.

Finally, the notebook to help with my goal to write more is Carrot & Stick Press (my obsession). The stationary (for letter writing to my mimi) was a gift from my Aunt Annette.

Here's to resolution gear up!
<3 S (with support from B, L&Z)

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