Sunday, January 22, 2012

Simple Ways to Make Your Life Easier

Here are a few ways that I make my day to day life less chaotic. Put these tips to use when your life feels a bit crazy. 

1.) Write it Down 

In graduate school, we were required to turn in written schedules. Today, I still use this tip, which actually simplifies my life. Into the written schedule I plan: When I will work, have lunch breaks, write, and workout. If it doesn't get written down, it probably isn't getting done. My tip is to leave your weekends free though. You can't plan out every second of your life. If you have a general idea of the things that need to get done, keep them in mind, but there is no reason to schedule a grocery store trip. The point of a weekend is to relax! 

2.) Pre-Plan Meals 

Before going to the grocery store, I make sure to write down ingredients for at least a week's worth of dinners. We then use all of the food. This is nice because we can eat all week for about $115.00 (and leftovers at dinner make for great lunches). But, my meal planning goes beyond this. When I'm getting up early, I plan my breakfast the night before. Sometimes, I'll even pre-make it (essential if I'm going to do hard boiled eggs or something time consuming). If I have to eat lunch at work, I pack it the night before (frozen meals or leftovers usually), and I always, always pack a snack the night before, and put a water bottle next to my purse. This all ensures that I never become hungry (and thus totally grumpy) and that I eat healthy. 

3.) Pick Out Clothes the Night Before

I learned this tip from my college roommate, Lauren (Thanks!), who always planned out her outfits. Though I never mastered the art back then (and sometimes found myself running late), I now appreciate how much time it really saves. The night before, I look up the weather forecast, then I pick out what I'm wearing mentally. My days of trying on 4 outfits before leaving the house are pretty much over. 

4.) Learn a 5-minute Make-Up Routine 

I can do my make-up (foundation, bronzer, blush, eye-shadow, mascara, and lip gloss) in 5 minutes flat. Less time spent there means more time to sleep! Practice makes perfect, so on your day off, get out supplies and a timer. Remember, you might have to make some sacrifices, but some things aren't important anyway (like eyeliner and lipliner-too easy to overdo anyway). 

5.) Divide and Conquer Chores 

Brendan and I are experts at this. On the weekends, we each take on different chores to accomplish more. Today, for example, Brendan did the dishes, took out the trash, and made dinner, while I washed and folded laundry, swept and swiffered, and straightened up common spaces. We both went to the grocery store, a task that is easier together anyway, since we can take on different parts of the list. 

We hope these simple tips really make your life easier! 

<3 S, B, L&Z 

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