Monday, January 16, 2012

Whoa My Winter Break

Winter break has been full force for the past month. Here are some of my favorite times:

Hiking in Palm Springs, CA 

Perfect place to watch a sunset

My favorite photographer :)
Actually got a little tan, honestly!
My brother and his ponytail I arranged, sorry Graham! 

My friend Cole came for one night! 
Pioneer town! 
Christmas morning in Austin, TX 

Being Brendan 
Showing off my "Magic Scarf" 

Letter to Santa 
First Christmas together 
Brendan's 30th

So full already from Uchi 

Handsome guy 
New Years Eve in Lake Charles, LA 

Sometime around Midnight 
Back in Austin, TX. Dinner with my cousins at Homeslice
The Gang from Left to Right: Graham (brother), Casey (Stephen's Fiance), Me, Brendan, Matt (Amanda's boyfriend), Amanda (cousin) and Stephen (cousin).
With Casey. Stephen couldn't have picked a better girl. Can't wait until we're Casey Austin and Stacy Austin! 
Tower of Terror bellman 

Rockin' Roller Coaster, no sissies allowed on this Disney trip! With Mom and her brother (Uncle Greg).
squeeze in! 

Still Christmas at Disney

Found some Wizards from France and Germany 

Actually yummy 
We've been to: Palm Springs, CA, San Angelo, TX, Austin, TX, La Marque, TX, Lake Charles, LA and me to Orlando, FL. Am I sad about winter break ending? Not really. I think after a month, you just get ready to return to the real world. I'm ready to remember what day of the week it is again. It's good to be back home in Midland with Brendan and the cats.

But waking up to teach at 8am?

That's probably going to hurt a little.

So, that's what I did with my winter break. What would you do with a month off?

Happy MLK day to all!

Here's to being back to "normal."

<3 S, B, L&Z

and my cousins A&M, S&C, and brother G (they wanted to be included in the signature).

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  1. Um, your brother is extremely hot. More pics of him please!


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