Monday, February 6, 2012

Announcing He Said/She Said (Relationship Advice)

Do you ever need relationship advice or just someone to talk to about a situation that is going on? Maybe you don't want to involve your friends or family, but you want to gain some insight into your partner? Well, Lola and Zoe is proud to announce He Said/She Said, a relationship advice column different from any other.

How does it work, you ask? Easy. You submit your questions to our email account at:

You questions will be kept 100% confidential and anonymous; your name will never be attached to them. You'll get an answer from a couple, both his view and her view, but they will not converse with each other about the answers prior to publication. Your anonymous question plus both answers will all be published together in a He Said/She Said post.

It won't always be Brendan and I answering the questions, as it depends on the unique question: We know newlyweds, long time married, and a few years into marriage couples. We also know parents of children young and old, engaged couples, gay couples, lesbian couples, you name it! We want He Said/She Said (Or She Said/She Said or He Said/He Said) to be an advice column that is open to helping everyone. Perhaps we can all learn from each other?

Of course, it's free of charge! We don't have a degree in therapy, and we don't pretend to. Our answers will be our opinions, but we're both smart people and you don't know us, making us like a friend that can't judge or gossip about you. It's so perfect I wish I'd thought of it (Oh wait, I did, yay!)

Please spread the word by "sharing" this post on Facebook. We look forward to the first installment of He Said/She Said, but we need your questions to start rolling in first!

No question is too big or small! If for some reason we cannot answer the question confidently, we'll still get back to you.

Happy Relationships!
<3 S, B, L&Z

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