Friday, February 3, 2012

Book I Read in January

Room by Emma Donoghue

Let me start by saying this: this is one of the most intense novels I have ever read in terms of how emotionally affected I felt by it. I read it in two days and couldn't put it down because I was so worked up over what was happening. I couldn't sleep, had nightmares, and did not want to be alone in a room because of reading this. I want to tell everyone to go ahead and click that button and order this book now, but I have to add the disclosure that this book is not for the faint of heart. I was both terrified and disturbed by reading this. But for those that are interested, here is the premise: an unnamed female protagonist (the choice intentional, I think, because it shows she could be any woman) is kidnapped at age 19 by a sexual predator who has built a soundproof, 11X11, password protected "room" in a garden shed behind his house. It is here that she is held hostage as a personal sex toy and amusement for her tormentor for 7 years (when the story begins). The narrator, is the woman's five year old son, Jack, a product of the sexual abuse. Jack knows absolutely nothing about the world outside room. He was born there. His mother has not even told him that the room is a prison, so to Jack, "room" is a comfortable and safe place. Knowing both her and her son's life are at risk, the woman must do the impossible and try to escape room, but can she outsmart the sociopath who has seemingly thought of everything when designing room? This is a story of humanity despite dehumanization, a mother's capacity and limitations to love, and bravery in the face of the complete unknown. Room is not a book you can walk away from without feeling changed. While there are times the voice becomes annoying, and times I wondered if Room was literary or just ironically exploitative (ironic because the book makes commentary on the media's exploitation of such victims of captivity) I would recommend the book overall. There are a few believability problems, loose ends, and inconsistencies, but overall Room wins my vote. But if you buy this book, you may want to consider adding a nightlight to your cart.

Happy reading.
<3 S, B, L&Z

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