Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello Friends,

Brendan, Lola, Zoe, and I would all like to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! While Valentine's is a day for sweethearts, I like to use it as a way to celebrate everyone in my life that I love (and believe me, I love a lot of people!) I remember fondly elementary school Valentine's and all the sweet cards from friends and family over the years. A fun fact about me: I never throw a card or letter away! I just cannot part with them.

Anyway, Brendan and I celebrate low-key Valentine's day. We really prefer it to be silly, sweet, and stress free.

I started the day with a heart healthy breakfast for both of us. Oatmeal with raspberries, honey, and cinnamon. Then, I got ready and headed to work.

We <3 Oatmeal 
When I returned from work, I noticed beautiful red roses from Brendan, and he was doing the dishes. Double love!
Brendan's mama raised him right! He knows what the ladies want :) 
We made a 7 minute Valentine's meal (seriously): Gnocchi with vodka sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese and a salad with onions, tomato, and cucumbers.

We learned from a mistake last year where we made risotto that seriously took 3 hours!

We had some wine we bought at a winery in Lubbock a few weeks ago ready for the occasion.

Afterwards, we exchanged cards and little gifts. Brendan made me a beautiful card with a photo he took in Midland and a poem he wrote. I'll cherish it forever from our first Valentine's day here. Then, he presented me with this, and my heart totally melted.

Meet Ralph, my very own Pillow Pet.  I have wanted a Pillow Pet for at least a year, and now Brendan has finally relented! He said this one is the only one he could even consider buying because all of the other ones were so distastefully colored.

I am so happy :) I burst into giggles when I saw my gift. I even let Brendan name him!

I gave Brendan this book with a cute bookmark in it.

It is by a McNeese M.F.A. alum whom we will be meeting in April! Adam is partially responsible for me coming to McNeese, so we can thank him for a few things when we meet him at our program's 30th anniversary celebration ;) Plus, I think this will be an awesome book.

Later, we'll have champagne and cheesecake I picked up for dessert.

Did I say low-key? Well, you know.

How did you celebrate today? Don't forget to confess your love to all your friends and family too!

S, B, L&Z

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