Sunday, February 26, 2012

Home Improvements

Friday, Brendan and I made some lovely improvements to our home. Remember when I mentioned Brendan's dad (the artist) did some amazing paintings and sent them to us? Well, we bought frames, hardware, and finally got everything together and hung. Here are the results:

This space over the couch has just been waiting for artwork since we moved in. All along, I wanted it to be something by Brendan's dad, because if you have someone in your family that can do fine art, it is a crime if you don't tell and show everyone that you know about it (in my opinion, thus, my brother's book of photography that is on my coffee table). I picked out the gold frame, which Brendan "wasn't sure about," but once he saw it together, he says he now thinks it's "perfect." Or, purrfect. HAHA.

The story behind this painting goes as follows: We were in Maine this summer with Brendan's family, and I happened to see a print of an obese tiger at a library auction. Unfortunately, the print was not only hundreds of dollars, but way too large to transfer back to Texas. Well, it turns out, Brendan's dad painted us a far superior obese tiger. It basically is my favorite thing ever, and I truly feel it completed the room. The colors in the painting completely compliment Brendan's rug that is in our living room.

I'm sure the artist is supposed to name the painting, but since this one didn't come with a name, I shall call it "Obese Tiger on Canvas." This name sounds very classy and sophisticated, don't you agree? I will refer to the painting like that when showing everyone I know.

Our guest room/office walls sat pretty empty, and the space never quite felt completed. The colors of these paintings of Maine just seemed to go perfectly with the colors of the room though. We also wanted all the paintings to be somewhere where there would be natural light. We are really happy with the result.

We had to make our own frames to accomodate these sizes. Fun fact: next to these paintings is a poem by Darrell Bourque, the former poet laureate of Louisiana about fishing. The poem was based on a photo that Brendan took in Louisiana. Darrell liked Brendan's photo so much, he bought it, and we have a signed copy of the broadside. Now, it is fitting that a poem about fishing hangs next to these paintings, as this lake is where Brendan's dad taught him to fish. 

I think these paintings are perfect to have in a writing space. They are so peaceful and remind me of a beautiful place and of Brendan's family.

In other news, we're still accepting questions for the second edition of He Said/She Said Relationship Advice. Here is a testimonial from a reader who received our advice:

"I meant to thank you for the advice sooner than this, but I came down with a cold. But I think you handled your first case with outstanding insight, and a healthy combination of pragmatism and humor. "She" is absolutely right; in essence, Manchild isn't the problem, only a symptom. "He" is hilarious and had me laughing out loud. Mercifully blunt, and also perfect, highly entertaining. I really liked being able to laugh about the whole situation again. It also rang very true, and I feel satisfied--all the answers coincide with my own instincts, and it's all good. So, in short, thank you! I think you could make a career of this, if you run out of things to do!" 

As always, your questions are confidential! So don't delay, email us at 

Have a fabulous end of the weekend. I was feeling homesick this weekend for my family (who are gathered in Houston this weekend) and Brendan's family (who are in Florida and went to Universal Studios yesterday). I got great photos from both families of everyone, including my grandma and also Brendan's grandparents. I felt pretty emotional yesterday. The desert can feel like an isolated place, and sometimes, you wish you could be multiple places at once. But here are a couple of photos that cheer me up:

Zoe and her cute belly. 

 Bananas spooning (sent from Graham). 

<3 S, B, L&Z 

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