Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to Make Apartment Cozy for Kitty

Hello Friends!

I want to write today about Lola and Zoe, the lovely namesakes of the blog. This is the 3rd place I've lived in with my cats. We first lived in a duplex in Lake Charles, LA then a townhouse in Lake Charles, and now an apartment in Midland, TX. In between, they spent about 6 weeks at my mom's house in Austin. All in all though, the current apartment in Midland is the smallest space I've lived in with my cats (we have 960 square feet). Though income is higher than in graduate school, the housing/rental market in Midland is very tight, and we were incredibly lucky to get the apartment we did! While the days of Lola and Zoe having their own bedroom and 6 foot cat condo are long gone, I've still found many ways to make apartment living cozy for two active indoor kitties. We hope you enjoy these tips and tricks:

Sun Spots

Indoor kitties need their vitamin D too. One of my best tips? Set up a cozy sleeping spot for kitty next to a window where they can get plenty of sunlight. This window seat does double duty as a cozy place for me to read and a place my cats love to lounge.

A Cozy Bed 

Make sure your pets have access to their own bed. We tucked this one under a chair to create a private sleeping space.

A Scratch Spot 

We don't have room for the 6 foot cat condo, but our furniture still needs to be spared. Our solutions? 2 scratching mats and a scratching post that mounts onto the wall. Saves us space, but still offers the cats scratch surface.


This little condo doubles as a hideout and a scratch surface.

Also, never underestimate the power of free hideouts.

Or the hideouts you don't plan on them using!

Durable Furniture

We have durable furniture, so the cats can use it too. This whole apartment has to be their space too, so we don't try to keep them off anything.


Make sure you can still set up a private litter box somewhere for your cats. Ideally, a laundry room, but our washer and dryer is out on the porch, so we converted the coat closet (see the small white door) to the "kitty bathroom." We use door stops to keep it mostly closed, so the cats have privacy and we don't have to look at it. We clean it often, vacum with a small hand held cleaner daily, and use deodorizer and wall plug-ins nearby, so the odor isn't a problem. The box is far from the kitty food (which we keep in the kitchen). Cats prefer this!

Toys  & Treats

Last but not least, Lola and Zoe have about a hundred toys. I keep them in a box and rotate their toys every week or so. This way, they don't become bored of their toys, and we don't have all 100 scattered about at any one time. We have cat-nip filled toys, microwavable warm spot toys, toys on strings, chew toys, etc. The cats seem happy. We also give them treats and sometimes hide treats for them to find.

We hope this helps anyone who is trying to make the most use of their space to create a pet-friendly apartment! It is another snow day today, so we're all enjoying being at home! Happy Sunday everyone.
<3 S, B, L&Z

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