Thursday, February 16, 2012

Treat Yourself

I had one of those "perfect" days today. You know, one of those days you are able to pay catch up with friends, eat good food, do all the things you want to do, and just generally live for yourself. Plus, it doesn't hurt that I received some very nice emails from students.

When my mom sent me some money for Valentine's day, I had no doubts about how I wanted to spend it.

Nails in "Hopelessly in Love" by O.P.I. 
Toenails in "Lunch in Delhi" by O.P.I.
I'm just one of those girls. I feel better when my nails are done! I went to Art Nails here in Midland, and I was so very pleased with the customer service, cleanliness, and atmosphere. I will definitely be back, and I know Art Nails will become "my place" here whenever I want to splurge on a mani or pedi.

I really feel spoiled treating myself, because Brendan and I received quite the gift yesterday in the mail: some spectacular artwork painted by his dad just for us. I'm so delighted to show it off, but we have to get it framed and hung first (this weekend). Pictures to come soon.

I'm happy that tomorrow is Friday. I hope everyone has time to squeeze in a "treat yourself" kind of day this weekend. There are many benefits to pampering ourselves, (whatever that consists of for us personally), and a better mood is just the start. Taking time to do something nice for yourself is like telling your body and mind thank you: Thanks for waking up early, working hard, working late, exercising, cooking, cleaning, and doing all that you do. We feel so good when other people do something nice for us, but often times, we forget that we can do nice things for ourselves too. Sure, it may take a little money, a little time, or both, but I guarantee you, spending some quality time with yourself is never a waste.

Here are my top 10 favorite ways to treat myself:

1. Mani & Pedi
2. Coffee/Lunch/Drinks with a Friend(s)
3. A trip to the movies
4. One new clothing piece or accessory
5. A haircut and highlights
6. A new book or CD
7. A new candle and a relaxing bubble bath
8. A trip to a thrift store
9. A day off from email/facebook/the internet
10. A trip to somewhere new (hiking spot, museum,--any new place will do)

Feel free to use all of these ideas, and treat yourself.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Brendan's mom sent me these cozy slippers as my Valentine's gift.
Pedicure protectors 
These things are sweet as cupcakes! Did I mention I love that woman?

Anyway, night night!
<3 S, B, L&Z

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