Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On Wearing Glasses

My contacts have been bugging me lately, and 3 in my last box of 6 were defective, causing me to visit my eye doctor and ask for free replacements, which they have to order in. The whole process has been a pain (literally), and makes me wish I had brought my trusty glasses on my trip to Austin this week. Is it just coincidence then that this week GlassesUSA.com emailed me about letting my readers in on some discount codes? I think not!

Here is how I look in my own pair of prescription glasses:
A picture with Zoe from a while ago! 
I actually love wearing glasses on the weekends. They are comfortable and give my eyes a break from contacts. Brendan thinks they are cute too. I also like wearing them to teach in, as I think they make me look scholarly and sophisticated.

I bought my pair of eyeglasses a few years ago, so I'm in the market for a new pair soon. I like GlassesUSA because they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy and a 110% lowest price guarantee policy. I hate buying something and then figuring out I could have found a better deal. They also have a huge selection, including name brands like Lucky, Lacoste, and Coach. Plus, you can even search by type like "Nerdy/Vintage," pretty fun, right? 

The discounts running right now make me want to order glasses for myself today. This week, you can get 50% off any prescription glasses in the entire GlassesUSA collection by using the code Lucky50. Happy St. Patrick's day to you! Also, you can get 10% off any prescription glasses with the code Blog10.

Do you wear glasses? If you are a contacts wearer, would you try them? I have a friend who wears glasses even though she doesn't need them just because she likes the look. Want to know how you would look in glasses? Go to GlassesUSA.com and try on glasses using their virtual mirror. It is pretty fun and sometimes funny to see how all the pairs would look on you! Check it out on the blog first if you don't believe me:

Happy sightseeing! 
<3 S, B, L&Z

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