Monday, April 30, 2012


This post is the sequel to Big News! a post I wrote just 9 months ago. Back then, Brendan had  just officially accepted the position of Instructor of English and Creative Writing at Midland College in Midland, TX, and I was signed on to adjunct 3 English courses per semester. Well, things at Midland went better than expected, and I was actually given a 4/5 load (4 courses in the Fall, 5 in the Spring-legal with special permission) plus tutoring in the language hub (writing center) on campus. I had a wonderful, nurturing, fabulous experience at Midland College, and I wouldn't trade this year for anything

Recently though, an opportunity came my way to apply for a full time position teaching English at nearby Howard College's Big Spring campus. The process began on February 21st, and today, I am so pleased and full of joy when I announce that I have been hired as an Assistant Professor of English at Howard College!!! Big Spring is located exactly 40 miles from Midland, so Brendan and I will both be able to enjoy full time positions while continuing to live together. We are so happy that we found a situation that allows us to maintain our commitment to each other and our careers simultaneously (we weren't considering options that didn't, by the way!). I start in Fall 2012! 

I am SO excited about my upcoming work at Howard, and I leave Midland College on the best of terms, with full support from everyone there. We will likely stay located in Midland (where all of our friends are), but we're not quite sure, since the rent here is rising and the cost of living is more affordable in Big Spring, which is a cute little town of about 27,000 people (as of 2010 census). If we stay in Midland, I will be able to commute in to Big Spring Monday-Thursday (no classes on Friday). Check out the commute:

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45 minutes exactly in a straight line, with little to no traffic. Or, as my friend, Cole, says, "45 minutes, the average Los Angeles commute, no biggie!" PS-Think we should move to Stanton in the middle there? Population: "3,000 nice folks and a few old soreheads," according to the billboard on the highway. Could make for some writing inspiration?

Words cannot describe exactly how I feel, but if I had to pick one word: Thankful. I am thankful for the support from everyone at Midland College, for the opportunity at Howard, and for everyone who helped get me to this place (Thanks references!). I am thankful that Brendan and I have both found a place to do what we love in this wild desert. I am thankful for health insurance! I'm grateful for the challenge and excitement that comes with something new. Of course, trekking into the unknown is always a bit scary, but I'm confident that I can handle what comes my way; after all, I've been taught by the best!

So, apologies to my Facebook friends for last week's "vague booking." I wanted to shout my news from the rooftops, but I also wanted to make a careful, through decision, so I gave myself a week (sounds like me, right? :) I've been waiting for this opportunity for over a year (my job search started in December 2010), and I'm pleased as pickles.

Here's to all you folks who told me everything would work out. At times, I didn't believe you, but you were totally right.

<3 S, with support and love from thrilled B, L&Z 


  1. Congrats Stacy, we are so happy for you!! Howard is lucky to have such an energetic and hardworking Asst Prof! - Leah and Andy

  2. Thanks for the kind words Leah and Andy! We hope you guys are doing well! Keep us updated!


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