Sunday, April 22, 2012

End of the Weekend

Fun fact: my favorite poem is "End of the Weekend" by Anthony Hecht. In graduate school, I spent a weekend doing an analysis of it, and the poem remains, in my mind, like a memory of something that happened. It sounds strange, but all reading does that, right? I feel like I've lived far beyond my own experiences.

We had a great, splendid, relaxing weekend. We saw several movies: Melancholia was stunning, and I'm still thinking about. It's streaming on Netflix, and you should watch it. Be prepared, it may leave you a bit...weary. We took a trip to the Big Sky Drive-in movies where you can see a double feature for $7.00. Cabin the Woods is skip worthy (despite the good reviews it got, I wouldn't even Redbox it), but 21 Jump Street is fun (until it goes overboard in the last 20 minutes or so, but still some good laughs).

Brendan at the drive-in. His station wagon is perfect for making a bed to watch the movie in! 
We also made this again (sooooo good), and did our typical sushi on the porch Sunday. I went to yoga Saturday morning (and meditation always makes a huge difference in how I feel-noted) and we breakfasted with friends. We did the open house at MC yesterday, and sat out by the pool today (I feel sun drunk). All in all, a weekend like this reminds us that summer is fast approaching, and I can basically imagine us there. Lots to look forward to before that though: our mentor, Amy Fleury, is coming into town on Wednesday (and giving a reading Thursday night at MC) and our friends, The Shews, arrive Friday. April is like a never ending party...

For now, it's the 1990s on Pandora radio and a much needed shower before bed.

To be tired from doing all that you wanted to do is a great feeling.
<3 S, B, L&Z

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