Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Few Good Things...

Brendan and I are surviving the end of the semester rush. We finally booked our trip to NYC for July 18-26. Fun fact: We'll be traveling from July 18-August 11 and are going to visit NYC, Washington D.C., Connecticut, and Maine. We'll be able to see Brendan's family, plus the whole Egan family (at his cousin Jack's wedding) and his grandparents and friends from high school in CT. We are quite excited. Other travel plans this summer include some time in Austin to see my family, and a trip to La Marque to see my grandmother. 

Do you have lots of people to see that you love? Or maybe just a travel bug? There is a $100 Jetblue giftcard giveaway over at the blog Oh, Hello Friend. Maybe you want to enter?

In other news, if you have been looking for a way to support the arts lately, consider this: Our friends in Lake Charles are trying to fund the 4th year of vision/verse, an amazing community event that pairs poets and artists to create new works of art and literature. Brendan and my brother, Graham, have both participated in years past. Brendan and I donated $25.00 to their efforts. Can you give just $5.00 to help the cause? Think of it as good karma! Click here to help fund vision/verse 4 through Kickstarter.  They have already met 20% of their goal!

In other news, did you catch the latest book review? It always disturbs me how few page views these reviews get (8 since yesterday), only because when I get my hair done, I get about 70 pageviews in a day. It makes one begin to ask the depressing question...do people read anymore? Or, do I just have really, really good hair? Thoughts?

PS-I never said Thank You for making April our biggest month ever. 1,411 pageviews. You guys are awesome, even if all you care about is hair. :)

Seriously, is there something you would like to see more of? Let us know at LolaAndZoeBlog@gmail.com.

What can you look forward to in May, you ask: I'll be writing some Mother's day awesomeness personal essays, doing a beauty product review, giving my tips to save $$ on travel and dining out, and a lot more that I would tell you, but it would just blow your mind right now, so I won't.

Goodnight world :)
<3 S, B, L&Z

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