Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Spring Day?

Today was a very nice spring day, and very refreshing after yesterday's 104 degree weather (honestly, I'm not kidding). It really hit me that Spring semester is over and Spring interim is almost over...where is the time going?
What is this called? It's growing at the apartment, so beautiful
I also started reading a book today. I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't had any time to read this month (this is the first time I haven't read at least one book since August). I am going to try to finish in early June in time to do my normal book post, but I did have to be honest!

Given all that has gone on this month, I think I will forgive myself. We've done SO much wedding planning and secured a date, place (including catering, cake, linens, table settings, and a wedding planner), band, ceremony/cocktail music, photographer, hotel block, talked to our wedding parties, and made a guest list and most of the website/registries (which I won't actually put up until the save the dates go out). Plus, I insured my beautiful ring. Maybe it's the honeymoon phase of wedding planning? Who knows, but I sure feel productive! Brendan has been helping out too. It's fun to work out all the little details together. I cannot wait to marry him! (so mushy!).

I've also been trying to get through the online component of TESOL training. I used to think I was good at grammar, but I've learned so much more about it. Regardless of what I'm done with tomorrow, come hell or high-water, I start writing a book. I don't feel ready at all, but it's now or I'm just going to spend my life wishing I had done it (maybe that's a bit dramatic, but you know).

I'm going to start my writing time first thing in the morning. NO-phone calls, emails, or checking blogs, just getting down to business. NO blog posting until I accomplish something for the day! 1,000 words per day seems reasonable, but could be ambitious? (The whole project is a bit ambitious, but that is the point).

So, anyone else out there who can't believe it's going to be JUNE? So soon??

Then again, I guess if time is going fast it means you're having fun.

We sure are!
<3 S,B, L&Z


  1. Can't be sure because I can't see the leaves. But it looks a bit like a shrub my father used to plant for his bees: Vitex. Bees love it, and it makes the most wonderful honey -- light amber with a very light taste.

    So happy for you and Brendan. You will make a wonderful life together.

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  4. (I deleted my previous comment because of my typos. Coulnd't stand to see them.)
    Can't tell without seeing the flowers clearly, but I think that might be a Butterfly Bush. Katrina has 5 of them at her house across the street. She buys a couple every year to remember River. It is either that or the Vitex like Dr. Porter said. They seem similar.

  5. "...and then I got a manicure 'cause I had a 10 minute break, then after I did that I went on a 2-mile run and made a supergreenprotein smoothie. I had to take it to-go, though, because I was teaching a seminar a half-hour later and then had to grade 50 papers in 2 hours, and then Brendan and I had a date-night! Then after that I slept for exactly 8 hours and awoke bright and cheerful!"


    I don't know anything about the plant, but I'm so excited that you're going to start on a book!! Can't wait to see you at the end of the month!! <3 <3

  6. Thank you for the insight about what this might be. They are growing at the apartment, and I'd love to grow my own some day if the climate was right. Thank you for your kind words Dr. Porter, we are so excited!

    LOL Corley, but notice how I didn't read a whole book this month?!?! I can't wait to see you too.


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