Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Student & Teacher

One of the greatest things about teaching? You never, never, never stop learning. In graduate school, this was very literal. I was teaching two sections per semester while taking four of my own classes. Somehow that worked. I know it involved working hard seven days a week, putting in some LONG days, and lots and lots of coffee.

Flash forward one year out of graduate school, and I've already become accustomed to my role as full time teacher. I learn everyday from my students, and I read (and re-read) all of the material with them and constantly think of new, creative, and exciting ways to teach and engage them. This weekend though, I went back to class, a 100 hour class to earn my TESOL certification. Now, I find myself grading to submit final grades, prepping for my online class that starts Monday, and taking on a new (since last year) role as student again.

My day looked something like this:

Administering finals/grading research papers (my 1302 students rocked their papers-so, so, so proud of them) 8am-noon. A lunch break. A trip to Howard College (45 minutes away) to visit campus, sign paperwork, and check out my new digs:

Brendan came with me and was very jealous of my window. The office is part of a suite (2 other offices in the suite), so it will be really nice to be next to colleagues. Of course, I also purchased a sweatshirt and t-shirt. I already need to be working on my Hawks pride :)

We drove home and I collapsed (napped) for at least 45 minutes (Zoe was not cool with that plan though). Then, woke up and hit the books:

I am doing my TESOL certification through Oxford Seminars, and I plan to write about how the course goes, for others who are interested. The primary reason people take this class is to teach English abroad, something I'd love to do one day. I, however, am taking the class to better meet the needs of my ESL and foreign exchange students.

I've been working on the homework since Sunday. It involved reading 4 chapters, watching the DVD from my book, and answering 8 separate "sets" of questions. Very involved. I had to read the questions and answers out loud too (poor Brendan, he just had to tune me out). Unfortunately, that's all my handwriting:

Luckily, while I was working, sweet Brendan made us dinner. BBQ tofu, purple and yellow potatoes, and salad. Delicious! BBQ tofu "recipe" or as Brendan says "how to" to come, I promise!
soooo good
More homework after dinner, and then finally a day complete.

But I can't sign off without sharing this picture. Zoe had a bath yesterday, and now, both cats are obsessed with the tub.
They like it when I run some water in there for them to play in.

Anyway, what is your favorite part of your job? What is the most challenging?

Here's to a day well spent!
<3 S, B, L&Z

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