Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Desert Miracle

Last night, Brendan and I went to the drive in to check out Prometheus and Men in Black 3. I love the drive in. It is romantic, fun, AND a great deal (two movies for $7.00 per person). We had an extra special show because there was wind and lightening for hours last night. We were cuddled up in the back of Brendan's station wagon and it felt like we were experiencing Prometheus. Then, it rained some, and we watched through the back window for a little while. Rain is such a rarity in Midland, so it was exciting; a true desert miracle.

Prometheus was good and entertaining. It wasn't as good as the original Alien movie, but what could be? I would still recommend it. Men in Black 3 is totally cheesy, but also fun. I wouldn't pay normal evening show prices to go, but if you can catch a matinee, why not?

Unsure if you have a drive-in in your area? Check out this database. You might be surprised. Even Austin has a drive-in. 

Summer around here has been low key this week. Just the way we like it!

Hope you get some miracles of your own!
<3 S, B, L&Z

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