Friday, June 8, 2012

Full Time Summering

Brendan and I have been on full time summer schedule this week. So far, I'd say things are going well. We are writing, working out everyday (Mon.-Thurs. when the gym is open that is), going to the pool, reading, and cooking and eating good food. I also managed to finish the 40 hour online component of my TESOL class, so my updated 100-hour certificate is on its way, yippee! Summer so far is everything that we wanted it to be! Of course, we also must reconcile that summer is always shorter than it seems. Primarily because there are so many things we want to accomplish with the time. And, no matter how productive you manage to be, there is always the feeling that you could be doing more.

Yesterday, we went to the bookstore:

I researched and found that the best way to get the best prices on your honeymoon is to book as early as possible. We're thinking Hawaii, and though it is literally too far in advance to book hotels or airfare (we need to get to that one year ahead mark), we are doing some research to figure out which islands we most want to visit. So far, we're thinking Maui (I've been there once with family, Brendan hasn't) and The Big Island (neither of us has been). Hawaii lovers and recent travelers to the islands, your thoughts?

We think Hawaii will make for a perfect honeymoon destination. Beautiful beaches for the beach bum in me, and tons to do (hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, exploring, etc.) for the adventurous Brendan (and yes, I'll happily do adventure too, just like I know he'll do some reading by the ocean with me :). Plus, I remember visiting Hawaii at 17 with my family and thinking this is the most romantic place ever...

And now, back to reality.

I'm so excited for this weekend. I'll be having a girls' weekend with my friend Emily in Lubbock. I'm super excited to see her and just catch up. We've been planning this weekend since April, but I feel like the time has just gone by SO fast, even though a lot has happened between now and then.

Em and Me :)
Well, I'm off to pack! Happy weekend everyone.
<3 S, B, L&Z

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