Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Lola and Zoe (The Cats!)

Last year on Lola and Zoe's birthday, I wrote an essay about how I got my cats and how they helped me adjust to adulthood.  This year, I'm pretty much still baffled about where the time has gone. All I can say, is that my cats are total troopers. At the end of June last year, they moved from Lake Charles to Austin, while we stayed with my parents temporarily. Then, in August, we moved them all the way west to Midland. They adjusted right away, fitting in happily in our new apartment. Many people gave me the advice not to get pets until my life was "settled." My advice? Life is short. If you want pets, there is never going to be this "perfect time" to do it. Now, my cats are just a part of our crazy life, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Lola and Zoe-champions of lazing about! 
A few things I do recommend having on hand before taking the pet ownership plunge:

1.) Support from friends and/or family. When we have long breaks, like winter break and summer, the cats travel with us. Big thanks to my parents who are willing to keep them while we travel. Also, having friends that will check up on your cats for a week or so is really helpful.

2.) Money in the bank. In all seriousness, having some emergency funds is a good idea. An unexpected vet visit can set you back a few hundred dollars.

3.) Youth, time, or both. Ha! Really though, if you adopt a kitten or puppy, things won't "settle down" for about a year. Older animals might be a better match for someone with less energy or patience.

4.) A good camera to capture all the cuteness:

Happy 4th Birthday Lola and Zoe! You make our lives purr-fect :) 

<3 S&B

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