Saturday, June 16, 2012

No Clouds in Our Skies

Yesterday, we headed out for a day trip to Balmorhea State Park for some swimming and sun. We packed up the car, drove over 2 hours, and just when we arrived...clouds over the entire park. We still laid out in our swimsuits, but in the middle of June, in the middle of the desert, it was...windy and cold (the irony!) We read by the pool, and after a couple of hours, gave up and headed to dinner at the one restaurant in town. Our food took over an hour and a half, and people who came in after us got their food, ate, and finished before our food even arrived. Still, all we could do really was laugh...and enjoy the drive home. We really had no place to be, and sometimes, it is so freeing to just not be in any rush.

Even though our plans didn't work out perfectly, we had the whole day just to talk, and there was something quite perfect about that. The change of scenery was still nice, and Balmorhea is a beautiful little town. We decided if we stay in Midland long term, we'd need to get a cabin or something.

We came home to even more good news: Brendan had a poem accepted to Crab Orchard Review! Check out our Publications tab for more info. I am super proud of him.

Looks like our weekend is off to a good start. Now, if only we can motivate ourselves to clean. Remember when I wrote that we had hired a cleaning lady? For some reason, she only came 3 times, and then we never heard from her again. We aren't too disappointed because we have plenty of time to clean ourselves this summer, but it was nice while it lasted.

Hope your skies are cloud free too!
<3 S, B, L&Z 

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