Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Brother

Happy 23rd birthday to my younger brother and only sibling, Graham!

1990-Graham at age 1, Stacy at age 4

Graham, you have brought so much joy to my life. Once I actually learned your name (and stopped calling you "that baby") I realized how awesome it was to have a sibling, and specifically, you. 
Graham (4?) Stacy (7?)
Thanks for being my number one buddy growing up. I have so many unforgettable memories of long summer days spent swimming, turning the couch into the "Back to the Future" vehicle we secretly knew it was, and basically taking the world head on. You were very brave (thank God you had a cautious big sister, or we'd both be dead--seriously, I totally saved you from drowning once!)

5 and 8 here? On my Dad's boat
Remember that time we saw Jurassic Park by ourselves at ages 5 and 8? That was awesome. Also, thanks for loving me despite all my bad haircuts.

12 and 15 here, days before my snowmobile accident 
As we grew up, you proved to be a most loyal friend. You definitely make me braver. And though we're really different people, you're the only person that really understands where I'm coming from.

Ages 14 and 17
I have many more embarrassing photos in addition to these that I've chosen for publication, just remember that, m'kay ;)

Mother's Day 2010, ages 20 and 23 here
Now that we're grown up, and you live in California, I really miss you! Sorry that I would never buy you beer when you were underage...I was afraid of breaking the law :(

Christmas 2010, ages 24 and 21
I am very proud of you! You have finished college, started a business, and you are not afraid to live life the way you want to. You are probably one of the most well traveled 23 year olds ever.

Graham and his girlfriend, Maise, before leaving for India, Feb. 2011
 But most of all, I am proud of your kindness. You once gave all the money you were planning to use at Kinkos to make your college art portfolio to a man who had just lost his job at H.E.B. 
Thanksgiving 2010 
And when I first introduced Brendan to the family, you made him feel really welcomed. I've never seen anyone so excited about gaining a brother-in-law. 

December 2011, 25 and 22 here. 
Thanks for being everything you are :) And thanks for letting me do your hair this way. I love you! 

<3 Stacy

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