Thursday, June 28, 2012

Texas Hill Country Bed and Breakfast Trip

What can I say? I love birthdays. Brendan thinks I will "grow out of it" one day and become one of those people who dreads turning another year older. Lets review the facts:

We kicked off my birthday week by driving to Wimberley, TX to stay at the Serenity Farmhouse Inn. 

We checked into the "Poet's cottage" and proceed to go for a swim.
Poet's Cottage
Heart shaped Jacuzzi Tub
Swimming pool with hill country views
Bren :)
 Exhausted from an afternoon in the sun, we headed to dinner and happy hour at the amazing Linda's Fine Foods.

Salad Plate
Seared Tuna 
Apple Cake, our second free dessert of the day
We headed to the grocery store to pick up some wine, beer, and snacks, and then headed home for reading on the porch and a nice quiet night enjoying the sounds of the frogs!

The next morning, we woke up to a knock on the door...

Breakfast was served:

 A cute farm cat finished our leftovers:

 After putting on lots of sunscreen, we headed out for another fun day.

First, hiking.

Which was very, very hot. Then, swimming at the Blue Hole, which was a perfect 68 degrees.

Ah, that's much better! There were a couple of rope swings, and I was brave and did the biggest swing TWICE.

Later, it was fine Italian food at Marcos and margaritas and Ino'z:

We then headed back "home" for more swimming, reading, and relaxing. We swam as the sun set and until we were all wrinkly. I even finished my book I started on Friday...
You could say we had a swinging good time.
 Before departing, we ate another fine breakfast:
And spent the afternoon shopping at all the little antique stores (we finally found the record holder we've been looking for!) and eating a late/light lunch at Kate's Place (I wish I had a picture of our shared beet/fennel salad and creamy carrot/ginger soup).

I returned home to a shared birthday dinner celebration with my family and friend Corley (who turns 26 only eight days after me-Pics tomorrow) and cards/package on my bed (to be opened tomorrow on my actual birthday). My life philosophy: You are going to age and become older anyway, so why not celebrate it? I prefer to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next...and since my birthday falls in the summer when I'm off, I have nothing but time to do that.

Who wants to grow out of that? Not me! (And that's a fact!)

Hope you take your own travels soon! We love you Wimberley!

<3 S, B, and L&Z (thanks to my parents for caring for them!) 

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