Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Farmer's Market Kind of Day

This morning, Brendan and I finally made it to the Midland Farmer's Market. My friend, Heather, had told me not to expect much, but we were hoping to at least get some fresh tomatoes to make this stellar dish. 

We were very pleased with what we found. The market is open on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm, and it is located at 501 Texas. We arrived a little after 10am and would probably go earlier next time, just to see if there is even more for the early birds.

We spent a total of $25.50.

Tomatoes we wanted...

And tomatoes we found! (A whole bunch are under the potatoes--they are red, orange, and yellow, so pretty!). We also scored: potatoes, several types of peppers, and onions.

Plus, we found eggplant, corn, cucumber, and lemon cucumber. And a jar of Peach Mimosa jam (not pictured).

The "cherry" on top was this delicious Pecos cantaloupe. We ate some with cottage cheese this afternoon for a healthy, yummy late breakfast:

All of this got me so excited for going to the farmer's market in Maine with Brendan's family later this summer. Until then, I'll just enjoy these local gems!

Happy produce shopping!

<3 S, B (L&Z remained with my parents in Austin...since they are going to stay there while we're gone for 3.5 weeks this summer, we figured it would be better to let them adjust than to have them make two 325 mile car trips in 10 days. We miss our little fur friends! But they are happy with their "grandparents" and being well cared for.)

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