Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fun Times in NYC/CT/Jersey City

The first week of our trip has flown by! We've seen so many friends and had mostly great experiences. 

The first two nights, we stayed with my friend Jen on the upper east side. We spent a day at the MET, and we got to see her and friends Corley and Max. On our second night in NYC, I came down with a terrible case of food poisoning, but thankfully, Jen is a fourth year med student and she was able to put all of her knowledge to work. I had to be a trooper because we needed to get to CT. 

I had been sick all morning, but a cab ride, and two trains later, we were in CT to see Annie's play. Annie is Brendan's sister and she did a fabulous job as Essie in the Kate Theater's production of You Can't Take it With You. The next day Brendan's parents hosted a lovely gathering and we were able to see lots of friends and family. Brendan's mom ordered adorable engagement cupcakes for us. My friend Rita came in from Boston for the day, and it was super great to see her. 

The following day, we were off! We left some clothes at Brendan's parent's house to lighten our load. A car ride, two trains, a subway, and a path train, and a couple of walks later, we were with friends Peggy and Eric in Jersey City, NJ (Very close to NYC). We had amazing pizza for dinner, and I definitely was like "why don't we live here?" The food around here is SO good. We also went to the marina to watch the sun set over the city skyline. Incredible. The next day, I went to a bridal show with my friend Lauren, and finally was able to meet her fiance, Steve (I am in their wedding in October). After the bridal show, we met up with about 10 friends. Brendan was able to meet everyone, so that was great. Yesterday, we walked around the city (Union Square, The new park "the high line," and Chelsea Piers--I was tired).  Then, last night, my friend Melissa came in from NJ and a group of us saw Batman at the i-max dome theater. It is restaurant week here in Jersey City, so today we had a fabulous lunch. Not sure what is up for tonight, but I wanted to write and say we've been having a great time. Tomorrow, we leave for D.C.! I'll have to post pictures of everything when we come home. 

Traveling is one of my favorite things. I'm just enjoying seeing everyone and absorbing all of these experiences. I know we won't always have this much energy, so we're doing these crazy trips while we can! 
<3 S, B, and (Still with "the grandparents" in Austin L&Z)

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