Sunday, July 15, 2012

Heading Northeast: Our Itinerary

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Tomorrow, Brendan and I leave by car for Austin, TX, where we'll spend two nights before an AM non-stop flight on Wednesday from Austin to NYC. Here is our itinerary:

July 18- Arrive in NYC; super shuttle to the upper East Side to reside with Stacy's friend Jen for two nights (and celebrate because she'll have just passed a big exam--Jen is in med school).
July 19-At some point today we'll see Max, our friend from grad school.
July 20-Leaving Jen's and catching a train to CT, where we'll see Brendan's sister, Annie, perform as Essie in You Can't Take it With You. 
July 21-Hanging out with friends & family in CT
July 22-Back to the city by train, Jersey City that is, to reside with friends Peggy and Eric (and maybe Steve and Lauren too).
July 23-Lauren and Stacy to the Bridal extravaganza and dinner with Stacy's friends from college.
July 24/25- Just going into the city and being awesome basically.
July 26-Brendan's family will pick us up in by car and take us to Washington, D.C., for the wedding weekend of Becky and Jack (Brendan's cousin). The bachelor and bachelorette party is tonight!
July 27-Being in D.C., hoping to meet up with Stacy's friend (from Midland) Heather, who just moved to the area.
July 28-The wedding!
July 29-Back to CT
July 30-Good times in CT--maybe I'll get to do some laundry?!
July 31-To Boston, MA for the Red Sox game with Brendan's Aunt Carol and Uncle John. It will be cool to see my first pro baseball game during the 100 year anniversary of Fenway Park.
August 1-Back to CT, staying here for a few days!
August 4-Headed to Wayne, Maine, for a week of swimming, kayaking, cooking, blueberry picking, and falling asleep to the sounds of the loons.
August 11-Flight back to ATX (unfortunately not non-stop, Maine>Boston>New York>Austin)
August 12-Drive back to Midland with the cats!
August 13-Wake up and discover it was all a dream?

We'd like to thank everyone who generously offered us a place to stay! I'll be blogging intermittently, but we'll be completely "off the map" in Maine (which is the whole point of Maine). We'd also like to thank my parents for taking care of the cats for 5 weeks!

Time to pack!
<3 S&B

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