Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Homemade Pizza & Rain

Today was a special day. We opened our Kitchenaid Mixer and made homemade pizza dough! Essentially, we followed this recipe from our dear friend Krista's blog (a regular must read by the way, her recipes are great and there are always step by step instructions with pictures).

The only things that were changed were based on the tools we had. We disolved the yeast in 1 cup of warm water first in the mixing bowl...we used speed 2 and the dough hook attachment to mix the ingredients...then we took the dough out, kneaded it, made it into a ball, and left it covered for about 2 hours so the dough would rise (we went to the gym in the meantime). 

With the delicious sauce recipe, we cooked everything as instructed, and then used the food processor to blend the sauce. It was so delicious, and as promised, we had enough for leftovers. We LOVED our pizza, which we served with mozzarella cheese (made at HEB), tomatoes (farmer's market), and basil. Thoughts for next time: we might aim for thinner crust and we might use all white flour (instead of mixing white and wheat--a texture thing, not a taste thing). Overall, we were very pleased with our first pizza making experience. No disasters (unless you count a broken pizza wheel-no biggie). 

We served our pizza with farmer's market fresh salad: lettuce, lemon cucumber (I love them!), and fresh tomatoes. Enjoy the pictures from our pizza success: 

The dough (we put it in the oven about 3 minutes before adding the sauce and cheese) and sauce (pre-blended). 

Brendan, all smiles over the final product. 

Close up, final product. 

Eating greens daily is one of our newest commitments. 

As we were making the pizza, we actually got rain. It has smelled like rain all day; I love that smell. Wish we had gotten more though! 

A few random thoughts: 

  • I miss my cats so much! Even though I know leaving them was best for them, it's weird being at home without them. 
  • I keep checking my email hoping maybe the engagement photos will be ready. No such luck yet. 
  • I watched this documentary and stayed up until 3am last night reading oral histories about this place. It was a haunting movie, and I'll never forget it. The older I get, the more empathy I develop, as I realize what a complex place our country is and how many factors have and continue to shape it. Empathy is the number one thing I try to teach my students (besides writing, obviously). Trying to see the world from a different perspective than the shoes you're standing in is essential if we're all to survive together. This is definitely something I developed over time. 
  • I love summer...setting our own schedule and also having plenty of time to just think is really making me feel like a much saner person. I'm enjoying it while I can. 
  • Today, we unpacked and did laundry...and we're leaving it all folded on the guest bed, so we can re-pack it basically (we leave for Austin on Monday and fly from there to NYC a week from tomorrow). As Brendan said, "This is our life!" 
  • I cleaned out my purse today, and it is weighing about half as much now. Things I found: a million old receipts, membership cards, ticket stubs, lip glosses, groupons, bobby pins, random keys, peanuts and popcorn (Ew), empty medicine bottles, and way too many pens. 
  • The Kitchenaid Mixer is even more awesome than I thought it would be. I felt like such a pro! 
  • This will make you smile. You're welcome :) 
Well, that's all I got for tonight! Happy Tuesday. 

<3 S, B (and a distant but ever-present L&Z)

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