Thursday, July 5, 2012

One Year From Today...

Today is Brendan and I's future anniversary. In exactly one year, we'll be married.

Some people have inquired why we waited so long (13.5 months from becoming engaged) to say "I do." The answer is simple and pretty unexciting: we're both teachers, so we want to get married in the summer when we're both off of work. We have a lot of out of town guests that will need advanced notice (including Brendan's family), and we already had a lot of plans for this summer, so this summer was never on the table. Once we talked to the venue, July 5th is a date that kind of picked us, but I love that we'll always get fireworks for our anniversary :) Plus, having a year to plan isn't a necessity, but it sure helps!

I'm very excited and have checked many wedding related tasks off my list. In addition to all the accomplished tasks I mentioned here, we have now also found a florist, and I purchased my dress. I also found a potential bridesmaid dress, and Brendan and I had our engagement photos taken (we don't have them back yet).

In some ways, the anticipation makes the wait hard, but in most ways, I'm really glad we have a year. I'm ready to enjoy the year and embrace it fully, rather than wishing time away. There is SO much to look forward to this year, and once we're married, I know we'll always have great memories from our engagement year. Plus, I fall in love with Brendan a little more everyday, so just imagine 365 days from now?

I'll definitely talk about the wedding on this blog and have some related posts, as it is a part of my life, but I don't have any plans to make this a "wedding blog." I'm still going to stay dedicated to all the avenues I love to explore like books, recipes, and musings on life. If there is something you're curious about or want to hear about, please drop us a line at

So today, I'm dreaming of the wedding and future anniversaries :) In case you've missed the stories from the last 632 days, here are some links:
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Here's to the next 365 days + the rest of our lives, Brendan. I know I'll appreciate each day a little more because I'll be sharing it with you. I love you. 

<3 S

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