Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Packed & Ready

We're all checked in for our flight, and ready to go in the AM.

I even have a new pair of flats to sport on the trip, much to Brendan's satisfaction.
Thanks Erica for the Modcloth birthday gift card :)

How do you fit outfits, shoes, and stuff for 2.5 weeks in NYC, Connecticut, Washington DC, Boston, and a weeks worth of clothes for Maine, along with dress clothes for a black tie wedding into two carry ons?

I have no idea, but I know you can cram everything in if you are motivated enough to not pay a $25.00 bag fee. You fill your allotted plastic bag with travel size bathroom stuff (and you ask your fiance pretty please can you have some of his plastic bag space too?) And you plan on doing laundry. You also cram your purse into your backpack. (Note: Brendan has two of his own carry ons too). The laptop was too much superfluous weight, so whether I update or not depends on if I find a computer to use, but I promise to post pictures from the trip when we return.

Lola and Zoe quickly forgave me for being gone for 10 days and made doing errands today pretty difficult (between the two of them, one of them wants to be in my lap 24/7). I LOVE my cats, and the hardest part of traveling is having to leave them for long stretches, but at least I know they are being well cared for!

We're totally excited for our big adventure. Wish us safe travels!

<3 S, B, L&Z

PS-We received a sneak peek of our engagement session over at Amy Kate Photography's blog. Click here to see it. We love them and look forward to seeing the rest of our photos soon!

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