Friday, August 17, 2012

Engagement Pics, Our Tips

We recently got back our engagement photos (all 240 of them), and we've already thought of many uses for them: save the dates, framing in home and office, giving to parents/grandparents, using for wedding website, etc. Initially, I was the one that really wanted to do engagement photos, while Brendan was more in the "Do we really have to do that?" camp, but now, he says he is glad that we did. I've heard some of my engaged friends debate if engagement photos are "Worth the money." Personally, I say yes. I think it is a great chance to get comfortable with your wedding day photographer before the wedding. I also recommend doing them as close to your actual engagement as possible. That way, the photos capture what they should: the sweetness and excitement of being engaged. We did ours almost exactly one year before our wedding at the place where we'll be married. It will be fun to have the engagement and wedding pictures to look back on (and it was fun to think, wow, in one year, we'll be back here getting married).

Here are some of our favorite photos and our best tips. 

1.) Pick a talented photographer. We used Amy Kate Photography in Austin, TX. I had seen her work from a high school friend's wedding pictures and was sold. A good photographer will be able to tell you exactly what she wants you to do. Make sure you get recommendations that you trust. Also, keep in mind the lighting and weather when scheduling a session. We opted to meet at a very early 8am in order to have cooler weather and morning light. 

2.) Lay out your clothes ahead of time, and find colors that look good together. I think bright colors show up nicely. All of my outfits are from Modcloth

3.) Bring a combination of casual and a little more dressy outfits, but above all, be comfortable. You want to be able to move around and even be on the ground, and if you aren't comfortable, it will show in the pictures. Also, consider planning other trials near to the photos. For example, those flowers are my sample bridal bouquet from the florist. I kept them in the fridge for a few days and brought them to the photo shoot. 

4.) Think ahead about what you will use the pictures for. For example, we wanted to do photos as our save the dates, so we brought along some props. 

5.) Block out a couple of hours, and remember, your photographer will want to use a lot of different backgrounds. Just go with what he or she wants to try. Chances are, they have an eye for what will look good, and you'd be surprised how something can look different in a photo than in person. 

6.) Wear cute shoes. They show up a lot in the pictures, but also, can make for a cute photo by themselves. 

7.) Make sure to get some individual shots. They are prefect for parent/grandparent gifts, but also useful for the website for your bride/groom bios. Plus, I plan to frame that one of Brendan and put it in my office, and he's doing the same with the one of me. A note about hair and makeup-I did my own, and I'm glad I didn't hire someone. I think the more natural, the better, because the more it just looks like you. 

 8.) Be silly and have fun. Let the photos capture your spirit at one of the happiest time in your lives.

9.) When you get your photos back, look for the candid ones. They might be some of your favorites. 

I really love this photo because one day on a walk, Brendan held my hand, and it reminds me of that moment when I realized my best friend loved me too.

What a wonderful world...

Here's to your engagement and capturing the love you share!
<3 S, B (L&Z)

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  1. That’s a wonderful closing remark! It’s great to be reminded how wonderful life is, especially when you found someone who can hold your hand and share the rest of your life. Anyway, thanks for sharing these tips. It’s always good to show your artistic side on your engagement photos. It may be simple, but definitely capture the love you both have for each other.

    Isabel Cabrera


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