Sunday, August 19, 2012

One Year in Midland

I want to start out with the reflection that life is funny. When we first moved to Midland, I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of actually living here. We kept saying, "It's only for a year or maybe two." Our first night in our new place, I looked out of our window across the parking lot of our apartment complex and cried. It wasn't really because we were in Midland, it was because of the places we were not: Lake Charles, Austin, New those places, I had established friends, and knew the places I liked. Midland was just a big question mark, and I had started feeling tired of starting over. We had good reasons to be here though, and I knew I had to give west Texas a chance.

And so, the time passed. We had a lot of fun: high school football, sushi we liked, a popsicle place, and our friends the Shews nearby. We were even starting to make new friends. After just three months, I felt "at home." I was involved with the community, going to bookclub, yoga, and meeting friends for lunch. We had started to see some of the places that made us so excited about moving here initially. We spent the better part of a year here, and at some point Midland just became home. A month later, I landed my full time job, and we decided to sign another year lease at our apartment.  Friends and family have visited us from near and far. Our lives here haven't always been "perfect" (whose are?), but we've made many more good memories here than bad.

And now, when we talk about how long we'll stay? There isn't a time stamp anymore. We're just here. Living in the present, advancing our careers, and taking life as it comes. Though we've been living here and together for a year now (a separate post to come on living together), we still continue to see west Texas as an adventure. There is quite a lot of "unknown territory" here, and we have plans to see more of it. More and more friends are visiting...we're not isolated here like I feared. We spend a lot of time together, but we've also managed to establish independent lives here. Today, if I found out we were leaving, no matter where we were going, I would cry. Midland is admittedly not where we saw ourselves, but now, it is where we are; and we're thankful to be here.

So yeah, life is funny, and the other thing I'm realizing about it is that it goes by fast. Ultimately, I believe that where you are matters far less than who you are with. Today, I am grateful for all the people here that I love (you know who you are :).

And of course to my best friend, who makes any place a good place to be.

Brendan in the truck we moved here in
Here's to the unexpected. Make room for it in your life.

Because if there's one more thing I'm learning, it's that you can't plan everything.

And believe me, I'm starting to become grateful for that too.

Here's to just going with it. Shake off your pre-conceived notions and attachments and hit the road (don't forget your cats).

Because sometimes starting a new is all there is to do!
<3 S, B, L&Z

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